It all started From…

An experience a Wyoming native and his family had while their baby was being born in Cheyenne. Ryan Clement and his wife Ann were travelling from their home in Denver to Cheyenne to celebrate the 90th birthday of the family matriarch. As they approached the Wyoming border, Ann went into labor during her 35th week of pregnancy and the family quickly made a detour to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.  Caralie Clement was born on Jan 1st 2013. Being just a few weeks short of full term, she nonetheless developed complications with her lungs and had to be transported to a NICU at a hospital in Denver. While their stay was a short 5 days, Ryan and Ann realized how that displacement affected families on many fundamental levels. When Ryan and Ann began their work at HealthONE they recognized an opportunity to address at least some of the barriers that exist trying to provide quality healthcare closer to home.

That’s why the Partnership for a Healthy Wyoming is reaching out to Wyoming-based community service organizations, economic development partners, healthcare professionals, elected officials, thought leaders and involved citizens to figure out how we can solve the challenges that we face. With support from a variety of partners, we’re working with HealthONE to bring outstanding medical resources closer to you, where you need it.

This doesn’t mean giving up the doctor that you love or the physician that delivered your kids. Instead, it means working together to create better access to lines of care in areas like pediatrics, behavioral health and women’s centered care just to name a few.